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Site background: ProfNoLineFirst off, welcome to Psych Connection! This site was developed to better connect you to yourself, those around you, and to your life. It was developed to connect what the public’s perception of psychology was to what the public perception ought to be. There is still a major stigma and old idea out there of people sitting on a couch while being psychoanalyzed. In reality, the field is much more than that idea. The reason you are visiting this site is probably very different than somebody else’s and each person’s interest in the area comes from a different perspective. This site is about connecting all of those reasons.

Some may have connected with psychology because they love the clinical side of working with people; some connected with the field because of the research on how and why we do things; some connected because of the public advocacy piece. It doesn’t matter where you came from. What does matter is that they’re all connected and those who are part of the site have found a passion in all the areas.

This site is about using what we learn in school, through research, or clinical work, and what we learn through life and being able to offer it to everyone else in a way that makes sense. This site aims to merge all that there is in the scientific research setting, apply it to the “pop-psych” information that gets out in the media, and then apply all that to everyday lives. It’s about taking what we know and giving it an easy-to-read spin that is applicable and relevant.

This is more than a blog or website, but an attempt to bridge the gap, in every sense. Those contributing to the site (in front and behind the scenes) are going to share what we’re learning in practice and what we’re learning in life in ways that hopefully inspire YOU to be better as WE attempt to do the same for ourselves.

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  1. Hi, just came across your blog. Great initiative. I have just started blogging myself. Looking forward to more posts from you. Best.

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