Creating Change in Our Lives

Airplane over ocean.Creating Change in Our Lives

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I realize more and more every time I fly that life is no different than flying. And if we think about creating change in our life as the flight plan, we are each the captain of our own plane. We may not control the storms and winds the plane goes through, but we do control how the plane maneuvers through them.

As the captain, you have to prepare for the journey on the ground as best you can. We have to look at the overall journey and where we want our destination to be. Then we have to work forwards and backwards to think about how we’re going to get there. In an ideal world, we have people on our side supporting us, fueling us, and waiting for us to rise. For the purpose of this post, you can think of these people as the air traffic controllers in your life. They could be parents, teachers, friends, friends’ parents, mentors, etc. Unfortunately though, not everyone has the same experience and may not always have the same amount of fuel as others. A lack of fuel does not take away from our ability to fly, it just means that we may need more time on the ground or have to refuel a little more initially – and that’s completely ok.

Regardless of where we start, we eventually takeoff and are on our own. If you’ve ever been on an airplane, you know how much energy it takes to take off. The plane has to use a lot of energy to get in the air. In fact, an airplane uses more fuel on takeoff than on any other part of the flight. Anytime that we’re trying to take ourselves to another level, we’re going to have to beat past our resistances and the gravitational pull to keep us where we are.

The key is to not fight the resistance, but to use it to create lift for your own benefit. Many planes now have little winglets at the ends to help it create lift (see OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApicture). Those winglets are used to create lift because otherwise the wind creates a vortex around the wing, handicapping the plane’s efficiency to get off the ground. You see, sometimes you have to bend at the tips to be able to get off the ground. You don’t have to change your center, your core structure, or who you are, but you may need to bend at the ends to do something different…

[Rest of article is posted on Psychology Today. See below for link.]

Original article posted on Psychology Today. Read the rest of the post here at Psychology Today!

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