Big Announcement: Rubin will now be on the Psychology Today website too!

ProfessionalPicture2As of today, I have officially posted my first piece on Psychology Today! After a few months of working out logistics, I am excited to announce that I have finally started writing.

My blog on Psychology Today is called The Addiction Connection. Content will be along the same lines of what I’ve written on this site for nearly the past year, but it will be more focused on topics related to addiction. I have intentionally titled my blog there Addiction Connection to stay with the theme of what I have aimed to do with this site, which is to connect ideas, people, research, and self-help. I will move forward with that goal here now simultaneously on a bigger platform with the hopes of being able to spread these ideas to more people.

None of this means that I won’t be posting here anymore, but that there will now be multiple resources. I will continue to post quotes, link to my Psychology Today articles, and write other original blog entires that I don’t think would be as well-suited for my Psychology Today blog here. I hope you continue to follow me and check out my posts at Psychology Today.

I am beyond grateful for all the support on this site the past year. I posted my first entry on this site on July 3, 2013 and have been consistently working on putting more information out there. As you can see, topics I have written about have ranged from Addiction to Happiness to Relationships to Meditation. I will continue to talk about those topics as they come up. Feel free to comment on this post or email us ideas that you would like to hear more about.

Check out some of my Psychology Today links below:

Latest blog: Changing Our View of Addiction


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