The Power of Hope

hoperestoredDo you wake up super excited about the day?… OR…Do you usually wake up dreading what the day’s going to bring? There is one word that separates which question you answered “yes” to and that’s HOPE! Let me explain.

We live in this cycle of waking up, getting ready, making our meals for the day, getting the kids ready, driving to school/work, spending hours there, coming back, making dinner, cleaning, and going to bed. Whether we like it or not, these things seem to just happen. But some days, we’re more positive about it than others. What gives us this positivity is often times hope.

Maybe you get up and look forward to a lunch with an old friend. Or maybe you get up excited to just come back from work to spend time with your significant other. Or perhaps you’re eager that you’re going to get good scores from your last exam. What do all these have in common? They all have some hope that today will bring something good. It’s the hope that no matter what comes, at least there is something good coming.

Often times, during those days where we’re sad, down, lethargic, we lose that hope. We don’t see an end in sight. This happens a lot after some big event like a sudden death, a recent breakup, a job rejection. What do you say to yourself in these situations? Do you say stuff like, “I’m never going to find anyone as good as him/her.” “This job was perfect, where else am I going to find something like this?” “I don’t know when I’m even going to begin to feel better.” Maybe you realize these thoughts or maybe you don’t. Either way though, do you notice a pattern between them? They all lack the possibility of something better.

It’s natural to lose hope in those situations. But think about the last time something like that happened where you said any of those statements. Did things improve? Did you actually find a job that was just as good if not better? Did you meet someone you didn’t think you could meet? It may take time, but don’t underestimate the power of hope. Hope can pull you forward in those moments where you don’t think you could go any further. Hope will keep you floating when life wants to take you under the current.

You may be telling yourself that this time it’s different because you REALLY thought this was “it.” And that’s ok. Not getting what you want can make you feel that way. But what if not getting what you want, was showing you the possibilities of what is out there? (click to tweet) I don’t know, but I’m just asking what if? The truth is we don’t know why things happen a lot of times. Many times, it’s not even in our control. And if we don’t know, then why don’t we make it up in our head that is favorable to ourselves?

Hope is that light at the end of the tunnel. Focus on the light and not the tunnel. Let that light pull you forward. Spend your energy holding onto what the future may be bring rather than what the past brought. (click to tweet!)

Hope doesn’t mean that tomorrow will get better. Hope doesn’t mean life will instantly change. Hope just means that there is a possibility for something coming up that you don’t even see, but you’re looking forward to it. You may not know what it is exactly or what it’s name is, but just try to find it. If you can’t find it, create it. And you do that by finding something everyday to look forward to. Find something to be hopeful about. Don’t go a day without having something to get you up and out. I challenge you. What do you REALLY want out of today? Get out of your head and into your life and just do one thing that would really bring some joy in your life.

So what are you looking forward to? What’s getting you up and out of bed today? What’s getting you excited for the weekend?

Rubin Khoddam, Clinical Psychology PhD student at University of Southern California, founder of Psych Connection.

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