Learning to Communicate in a Relationship

photo_1032709Learning to Communicate in a Relationship

Today’s article is a great read by a professor at USC who also happens to be one of the best up and coming researchers, clinicians, and teachers. Her name is Dr. Darby Saxbe. In the link you can find information on her and her research interests. She was invited to write this article for O Magazine several years ago and from that came this insightful view of how to look at your relationships.

Darby (as I like to call her) opens the article with “research is me-search.” She goes on to talk about applying the skills that she was trying to teach her clients to her own relationship. This article provides new ways of thinking about your relationship and whether pushing an issue can mean pushing somebody away. Something to think about the next time you get into a fight – whether it’s an intimate relationship, a friendship, or any other personal dynamic.

How do you communicate? Do you take polarized stances? Are there issues that you should take off the table temporarily?


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